Episode 48

Tennis Tech Part 2

In this episode:

Steve Smith & Andy Fitzell complete a two-part discussion on Tennis Tech, the place where the GreatBase Tennis started. Tennis Tech was a nickname Steve gave the two-year program at Tyler Junior College (TJC)  (Texas). In 1974, the college added one tennis class and one lab per semester to a general recreation program. 

In 1981, Steve was given the privilege to revise the curriculum. He designed and directed the first comprehensive curriculum and degree plan for students seeking occupational competency as tennis-teaching pro-managers. During his tenure, the unique program attracted over five hundred students from over 35 states and 25 countries.

The program fostered the development of similar programs around the world and Dennis Van der Meer, who will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame this weekend, called Tennis Tech the “Harvard of Tennis Teaching.”


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