Episode 92

Alex Vuckovic Interview

In this episode:

On the 92nd episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith and Roberto Calla have an in-depth conversation with one of their former students.

Alex Vuckovic is a parent yet his son is too young for his father to be a tennis parent.  Alex is not currently a player or a coach either. Nevertheless, his passion for the game alone qualifies him for a tennis audience filled with everyone from a beginner to a veteran.

We encourage our listeners to find at least ten-minute segments throughout the course of their week to listen to Alex. We cover the whole gamut of Alex’s tennis journey: transitioning from high school to college, the SAT’s, playing for Princeton, teaching top juniors, the pain of regret, ego, maturity, and why the word “options” is the most important word in the game of tennis.


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