Episode 81

Karla Navarro Wojcik Interview

In this episode:

On the 81st episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith has a conversation with Karla Navarro Wojcik. Steve and Karla have known each other nearly forty years. At the age of seventeen, with basically just being able to say hello in English, Karla started out as a student in the academic program Steve ran of career-minded tennis teaching professionals. Karla’s first days in tennis started on a chicken farm in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She is the oldest child in a family with seven children. Her father Willie, who loves tennis as much as anyone on the planet, found a way to have his children travel the world through tennis. With her husband, Robert Wojcik, Karla has three tennis playing children. To make an understatement, Karla and the rest her family continue to log a journey in tennis that is filled with fun and valuable stories.


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