Episode 80

Carlos Goffi Interview

In this episode:

The 80th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast is a special treat; it’s a three-hour trip down memory lane. Carlos Goffi has a story to tell, his amazing life in tennis. The Brazilian tennis player from yesteryear touches upon topics from A2Z. 

In the mid-80s, he wrote his best-selling tennis book (Tournament Tough). For over thirty years, Carlos ran his “Tournament Tough” tennis camps and is now on the verge of launching an online version of his work (www.tournamenttough.com).

Einstein said, “If one truly knows their subject, they know the history of their subject.”   Carlos was mentored by two of the pillars of the GreatBase, Mr. Harry Hopman and Bill Jacobson.  Additionally, Carlos worked side by side with too many other tennis legends to count. 

To make an understatement, this is a special, special podcast.



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