Episode 51

Vic Braden PT. 3

In this episode:

On the 51st episode of The GreatBase Tennis podcast, we complete a three-part series on Vic Braden. To make an understatement, Vic Braden makes the Mount Rushmore of tennis teaching. We strongly feel the contributions that the late Vic Braden made to the tennis-teaching industry should never be forgotten. Most know the tennis-teaching profession struggles with professionalism. 

The wheel does not need to be recreated to combat the low and unregulated standards found far too often within tennis circles. Vic assembled the most and the best tennis information in the history of tennis. Sadly and tragically the breakthroughs Vic made through scientific principles have been abandoned. Confusion and chaos rule the day and anything goes in the wild, weird and wacky world of tennis teaching.

The alphabet has been accepted. The sound and shape of the letter “A” have been accepted. Yet in tennis, the shape of the court being a rectangle has not been accepted. If facts were accepted such as the dimensions of the court and physical laws newcomers to tennis would not have to waste precious time and hard-earned money learning and practicing inefficient move after inefficient move.

Hopefully, by listening to us discuss the work of our most significant mentor, tennis people will understand that we need to go backward and shine the light that Braden shined throughout his sixty years of being a tennis educator and researcher. 


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