Episode 45

Dave Fish Interview

In this episode:

The guest on episode 45 of The GreatBase Tennis podcast is Dave Fish. Combine Dave Fish’s half-century in tennis, his intellectual capacity, and his love for tennis and you have a voice of reason. If there was a hypothetical list for an international tennis commissioner, Dave Fish would have to be a candidate to consider. He was recently inducted into the Intercollegiate Tennis Hall of Fame. He is best known for his career at Harvard and his efforts in launching the UTR. The conversation was primarily based on two simple ways to improve tennis in the US: 1) tennis instruction, and 2) tennis competition. In regard to instruction, Dave is a supporter of our GreatBase Tennis curriculum. For twelve years, the Harvard tennis camp used our curriculum. In regard to tennis competition, Dave is on a mission to make playing tennis less expensive and more productive.



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