Episode 26

Tennis string & Stringing Rackets

In this episode:

The GreatBase Tennis Podcast Ep. 26 – Tennis String & Stringing Rackets

In this episode, we talk all about tennis string and stringing rackets during our interview with tennis coach and pro stringer Vasiliy Guryanov.

Vasiliy is a tennis teaching professional based in Chicago and fortunately for us and our listeners, he shared his expertise on strings and stringing tennis rackets. He has logged enough hours stringing to say, “The first 10,000 rackets don’t count.”

From the U.S. Open to the Australian Open to the Laver Cup, he has strung tennis rackets for the best players in the game.

Topics include:

  • Background
  • Stringing contests
  • String/tension of the pros
  • Hybrid strings
  • Best string for young players
  • When to restring your racket
  • Investing in a stringing machine
  • Types of stringing machines
  • How to string faster
  • Tension and power/control/spin
  • Playability
  • Advice for juniors
  • Lessons from the pros
  • Rafael Nadal Stories
  • “I want to feel the pain” – toughest stringing days
  • Jimmy Connors story
  • +More!


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