Episode 25


In this episode:

In this episode, Steve Smith and Andy Fitzell discuss the history and impact that Jim Loehr has had on their students and their tennis teaching curriculum. His contributions to tennis have been major league. They certainly concur with a statement made by the late Arthur Ashe that simply stated, because of Dr. Loehr’s pioneering efforts in tennis instruction, that he is one of the most important people in our game.

Topics include:

  • Background
  • Two basic keys to mental toughness
  • Athletic Excellence
  • 12 tips to Mental Toughness
  • Mental toughness camps
  • 16 Second Cure
  • Application for coaches
  • Intensity
  • Breathing
  • On-court presence
  • Competitive Circle
  • Mistake management
  • Outcome vs process
  • The hidden scoreboard
  • The Power of Story
  • Journaling
  • Energy & character
  • Plus more!


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