Episode 203


In this episode

On the 203rd episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith, Ivan Ozerets and Andres Barbosa talk about tennis from the service line in. The whys and why-nots of going forward in singles and doubles are discussed. 

The statement that one only goes to the net to pick up balls and shake hands used to only apply to little kids at the grass root level. Now the statement applies to all levels of play. 

The disappearance of wooden racquets, the players not wearing spikes on the grass at Wimbledon, and the two-handed backhand becoming commonplace are dated factors. The new theme of  “serve plus one” is instant coffee, a much faster approach than trying to learn to play a complete all-court game. 

As always, we hope our listeners acquire a higher level of understanding of the complexities of tennis by tuning in. We also hope our listeners will find a way to encourage fellow tennis enthusiasts to not fall victim to net phobia.


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