Episode 191

Not Just Another Intern

In this episode

On the 191st episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith has a conversation with Lawrence Hyde. The Englishman recently spent 350-plus hours studying with Steve. The primary topics covered were: tennis, tennis teaching, coaching, character development, player development, and the ins and outs of the tennis industry. Also, a healthy percentage of Lawrence’s time was assisting with the production of personalized technical and tactical videos.

Lawrence’s impressive work ethic earned him the compliment that he was not just another intern. Steve said Lawrence’s approach reminded him of some of his tennis-teaching students from the 80’s. The Brit wrote notes by day and typed them by night.  Prior to starting his internship, he completed all five of the GBTE online courses. 

Experience is best measured in a case-by-case scenario as opposed to just time in the game. Lawrence had the chance to observe and study early childhood development, juniors and college players as well as pros. He also sat in on meetings with parents and fellow coaches that were led by Steve.

The goal of our podcasts is to share a tennis language that has been created by studying the contributions of eight outstanding pillars and logging 50 years of coaching players, teaching coaches, and guiding parents.

Lawrence’s notes were presented on the GreatBase Tennis Facebook page on 4/11/2024.


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