Episode 189


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On the 189th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith and Ilja Semjonovs interview Andy Durham.

Andy has a lifetime of diversified experiences in tennis. The veteran tennis educator has a deep connection with match analysis. He was mentored by Bill Jacobson, the father of electronic charting and the founder of Compu-Tennis.

Andy is leading a campaign to have Bill inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Bill is one of the best tennis minds the game has ever known. His intellect and innovative thinking reached millions of fans watching televised tennis from their living rooms. 
Andy is shining a bright light on Bill’s contributions with https://www.racketstats.com/. Mr. Durham’s project offers a free and simple introduction to match charting. 

We are confident that our listeners will thoroughly enjoy spending time with Andy. To make an understatement, he has an extremely high Tennis IQ.


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