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On the 187th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Dave Anderson shares Do’s and Don’ts for Players. 

Dave previously shared a similar list for parents and coaches. His next list will be for tennis administrators.

Dave joined Steve in 1985 as a student. Steve revised a general recreation curriculum into a comprehensive curriculum for students seeking occupational competency as tennis-teaching pro-managers. Dave spent a third year in the two-year program working as a lab instructor. Then he had autonomy directing one then two tennis clubs in a nearby town. In the second five years of the ten-year project, the collective efforts of their small group produced more Texas state champions than Dallas and Houston combined. 

On another podcast, Steve and Dave have promised to discuss the Florida academy scene. For a short period of time, the two led the program at the now-defunct Seguso-Bassett Tennis Training Center; which is now the Chris Evert Tennis Academy. 

Since then, Dave has spent more than 30 years in Dallas. He is based at the Brookhaven Country Club and has led a junior program that has produced more than 500 college tennis players. To make an understatement, he has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share.


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