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Tribute to Andy Brandi

Our condolences to Andy’s wife, Nancy, and their son, Chris. Our thoughts also go out to their family members and their close friends.

On the 186th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith discusses his connection to Andy. He worked for Andy in the late 1970’s. At the start, Andy was 24 and Steve was 22.

Steve states that Andy’s highly successful career should earn him a place in the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Andy impacted the lives of many professional players and his record as a college coach is truly outstanding. In fact, no other college coach holds a higher winning percentage.

Steve shares some stories about Andy and, more importantly, he thanks Andy. 

Based on Andy’s recommendation, Steve was able to study and work under Welby Van Horn. Literally thousands of tennis enthusiasts have benefited from Welby’s system of instruction. Please consider listening to this episode, anyone who follows our content is and or will be fortunate to be part of an amazing coaching tree.

Again, thank you to Andy Brandi and all he stood for.
Andy Brandi, Rest in Peace


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