Episode 184


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On the 184th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith and Ivan Ozerets have a conversation with Luis Perez. Their guest is a tennis teaching professional who is based in London, England.

Luis stumbled upon the free educational tennis content provided on the Internet by GBT.  From there, his intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge compelled him to travel across the Atlantic to spend a week at the Wintergreen Resort in Wintergreen, Virginia. 

Luis, who traveled with one of his students, was grateful to be treated as both a player and coach. Even though their visit was just one week, the two Londoners experienced A2Z. They were off the grid at a beautiful mountainside resort and were able to not only have their games analyzed but also study matchplay from the Aussie Open to the Les Petits to the UCLA campus. Students of the game who have an in-person experience with  GBT will find that when they re-visit our content, their overall understanding will be greatly enhanced.

We are confident that Luis’s story will be inspirational to those who love the game of tennis.


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