Episode 179

John Valenti's Story

In this episode

On the 179th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith has a conversation with John Valenti.

To make an understatement, John Valenti has a story to tell. He claims to be the only person to have always made money from playing tournament tennis at the professional level. For over ten years, he followed the circuit living out of his van.

The native of Rochester, New York played hundreds of Futures events and strung thousands of tennis racquets. Along his journey, he met and played numerous opponents who climbed their way to the top of the tennis world. And through his unusual and unique experiences, he gained valuable and insightful wisdom that would help everyone trying to find their way in the world of tennis.

Listening to John Valenti makes perfect sense. His time on the road defines his unstoppable passion for our game. Living out of a van is certainly one way to prove that you are not a “Comfort Zoner.”

In addition to listening to our podcast, one can find out more about Steve’s guest by going to YouTube and plugging in MrJohnnyblazed.  


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