Episode 173


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On the 173rd episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith has a conversation with Sujay Lama. Steve’s guest was formally educated in his native Nepal, India, and the US. His education in tennis is also very diverse and complete.

By listening one will learn of his father’s passion for tennis and the influence of his siblings, especially his brother Raj.  Sujay’s journey in tennis has taken him all over the world and one will find out that he is equally excited about running a tennis camp for kids as he was with traveling and coaching top players in the world. 

His career is filled with highlights, one being part of a championship culture at the University of Florida. The veteran coach, husband, and father is now leading the women’s tennis team at Arkansas State. 

Sit back and enjoy listening to Sujay’s story. One is sure to add golden nuggets to their tennis treasure chest. 


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