Episode 167


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On the 167th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith interviews Alex Terzic. The native of Belgrade, Serbia talks about the conditions in his homeland during the Bosnian war; the place where his passion for tennis began. He and his family immigrated to Canada when he was a young teenager. He continued to play tennis on a limited basis. His priorities were learning a new language, completing school, and helping his family make a new way in a new country.

He completed a college degree in marketing and eventually started a career in sales, where he progressed from knocking on one door to the next. Steve and Alex talk about the importance of acquiring salesmanship skills.

Alex currently lives with his Russian wife, Inna, in Toronto. His desire to have a life in tennis never left him. He shares the steps he has taken to become a tennis teaching professional and the circumstances that led him to customize a five-week internship under Steve’s tutelage. 

By listening one will be inspired and informed. 


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