Episode 155

Constantinos Alevizopoulos Interview

In this episode

On the 155th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith interviews Constantinos Alevizopoulos. The two have never met in person. The young tennis coach from Greece first met Steve by studying a technical training tape and then thoroughly studying the free educational content provided by GreatBase via the Internet.

The bulk of their conversation is about Stefanos Tsitsipas. Constantinos has an experience that so, so few have in tennis. He experienced being around a top-five ATP player during the player’s formative years. After all, perhaps only a percent of a percent of a percent climb the ladder of pro tennis to such an elite level. Both Constantinos and Stefanos were taught by Giorgos Fountoukos, who used Vic Braden’s educational materials as a resource. 

We are confident that players, parents, coaches, and general tennis enthusiasts will benefit by listening. Words starting with the letter P prevail. Stories of passion, persistency, perseverance, and precision are healthy medicine for those connected to a player with competitive goals.


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