Episode 141

steven robertson interview

In this episode:

On the 141st episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith and Andres Barbosa have a conversation with Steve Robertson. Their guest is a South African who came to the US nearly 30 years ago with his wife, Colleen, and their two children. 

Steve’s youth was filled with playing multiple sports. Tennis eventually became his primary sport and his passion served as a vehicle for him to travel around the world working with thousands of students and hundreds of staff members connected to the world of summer camps.

Combining his experiences and intellectual curiosity, Steve became a devoted student to the various generations he was dealing with in his diversified workplace. Today he is considered an international expert and works as a consultant for companies, camps, universities, and professional sports teams.

After listening to Steve, we are confident that our listeners will want to read his book, “Gen Z, Aliens Among US.”  Steve Robertson’s heartfelt, deep, and, insightful advice will help everyone with an overall understanding of how to improve day-to-day situations.


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