Episode 13

Rob Krajicek Interview - Advice For Parents

In this episode:

In this episode, Steve Smith and Andy Fitzell interview Rob Krajicek who is the father of current ATP player Austin Krajicek. He shares advice for tennis parents. Rob and his wife have been through all phases of tennis with their son Austin.

Topics include:

  • The progression to becoming a Kalamazoo champion.
  • The rewards and realities of being part of a college tennis team.
  • How juniors and college should prepare one for the life of a tennis professional.
  • Instilling work-ethic
  • Establishing independence
  • Being positive
  • Being professional
  • Giving them a little less than they want
  • Never wishing away a day
  • Maintaining and building upon passion
  • In reflection, enjoy the journey
  • Story regarding Rob, Steve and USTA leaders (1:35:00)



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