Episode 105

Ed Weiss Interview

In this episode:

On the 105th episode of the GreatBase Tennis podcast, Steve Smith interviews Ed Weiss.

To make an understatement, Ed is a passionate and dedicated student of tennis. He shares his experiences from his lifetime journey in tennis. He learned the game from accomplished instructors and observed others. Ed was part of a national championship program as a college player and was honored as an All-American. He has had an instrumental role in building a program for underprivileged children, coached high school tennis, read hundreds of tennis books and written a fabulous book on Welby Van Horn.

With great humility, Ed wondered why I would want to interview him? After talking with Mr. Weiss on the phone for years and then working with his associates and him in Connecticut, I knew his story would be enjoyable for our listeners and that his wisdom would prove to be more golden nuggets for one’s tennis treasure chest.


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