Lioba Fitzell

Joining us soon! 

Lioba Anna Fitzell met her husband, Andy, when he was running a GreatBase Tennis camp in her hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from Justus-Liebig University (Germany); where she completed an exchange program at the University of Salamanca (Spain). Lioba also holds a master’s degree from the University of Vienna (Austria). She studied foreign languages and business. After completing her studies, she started playing tennis with her father and fell in love with the sport. Prior to joining our mission to improve tennis teaching, shacquired diversified experiences in the business world that will help her manage our new unified efforts. We are fortunate to have Lioba helping us with a wide assortment of tasks in her fifth language, the one called tennis.

A favorite tennis quote:

"Winning tennis does not lead to beautiful tennis, but beautiful tennis does lead to winning tennis."


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