Ilja Semjonovs

Ilja Semjonovs is originally from Latvia. He came to the US on a tennis scholarship. Upon graduation, he was introduced to GreatBase Tennis when he worked for Julian Krinsky’s School of Tennis in Philadelphia. Prior to working with GreatBase Tennis, he acquired years of experience teaching at clubs. He is a tireless worker and a total package coach.

"Coach Ilja is one of the most hard working coach my kids have worked with. He is highly skilled on greatbase coaching and has a way connecting with kids of all ages. He is tough and instills life values that a successful tennis player needs. His main strength is to distill the technicalities of the game down to the simplest form for players across the spectrum. He is total-package COACH, hard working, deep technical knowledge and the right balance of being a disciplinarian and a coach. The kids love him!"

Roopan Sandhu

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